Designing an office is no longer an easy task. Nowadays, companies strive to achieve more than a comfortable working space that meets the bare minimum. It has to be innovative and flexible so as to make room for future growth but all the while focusing on the employee’s utmost wellbeing and satisfaction. What are 2020’s trending office designs? Read on to find out!

Multi-Functional Spaces

We’re quite past the phase of bulky furniture and technologies. Now, multifunctional elements are more in favour. These elements can work in any space- they’re lightweight and ergonomic. So, we’re looking at things like movable walls, adjustable lighting and mobile furniture that can essentially transform any space into what you need it to be.


Natural, rustic charms are not only making a comeback in households but in offices too! Not only is this option remarkably visually appealing, but a rather sustainable one too. This helps attract the calibre of people companies are looking for. Wood is usually incorporated into walls, floors and accent pieces to give spaces a far less sterile, crisp look. Instead the office space exudes warmth.

Collaborative Spaces

As more and more employees get taken up with the idea of working from home, working spaces keep getting more collaborative and creative to entice them back. Collaborative spaces often have plenty of upgrades like a games room, fitness areas, restaurants and fireplaces. It’s a warm and welcoming environment designed purely to make employees more comfortable with their space.


We don’t just mean incorporating wood into the building’s infrastructure. A sustainable working space would take extra steps to make use of striking green spaces, natural lighting and stone elements like countertops (courtesy of a Melbourne based company). This trend isn’t entirely new but there are exciting new ways coming up when it comes to merging sustainable spaces with innovative technologies and more efficient buildings.

It truly is inspiring to see how companies take their eco-friendly ventures to the next level in working spaces. Things like hanging plants, moss balls, ferns and essentially scattered vegetation across the office is what makes this space as special as it is.

Monochromatic Shades

Monochromatic usually means use of one typical colour but this could also include different variations and tones of that particular colour. By using different shades of the same colour, you create a more cohesive space to work in. And by using the same colour palette, it’s far easier to make use of both soft hues and more bold shades in the same design.  It doesn’t create an overall messy effect.

Household Inspired

Domesticated workspaces make use of household furniture, potted plants and more natural setups to enhance the comfort of the space. Once again, this type of working space is meant to engage employees and entice them into returning back to work.  This kind of environment tends to boost team spirit and morale as well.

These are the most popular office trends in 2020 to date! Sustainability, innovation and comfort are combined all in one to create the optimal working space.