Sheep are not the easiest to raise. There are quite a few things to consider if you want to keep them safe and healthy. We’ve discussed these points below. Why don’t you read ahead?


Provide the sheep year-round shelter. It should protect them from all the elements, especially the sun. You might think about creating a barn for them. A barn is great; it would let you separate sick sheep from the flock. However, a small three-sided structure works just fine too.

Make sure the structure provides access to a shaded area outside. This gives the animals somewhere to comfortably graze.

Straw Bedding

Your sheep need to have straw bedding. They won’t comfortably be able to rest in the shelter otherwise. Change the bedding for thick hay when it gets cold.

Whatever you do, avoid sawdust. It can damage wool.

Some people place pine shavings instead of hay. Whether you place it or not depends on your preferences, as it works just as well as hay.

Pasture Size

How many sheep do you have? The animals spend around 7 hours a day grazing. You need a pasture that’s big enough to support all your sheep.

How big your pasture needs to bedepended on the size of your sheep, as well as how tall the grass on the land is. Usually, 10 sheep per acre are fine.

The climate you live in would affect how much grass would be available. You’d need more pastured land if you live somewhere that’s very dry.

Speaking of what they’d eat, it’d be a good idea to avoid grain. Grain mixtures tend to be full of copper which is not good for the animals.


Domestic sheep can’t shed themselves. You’ll need to help them. Get hold of quality electric sheep shears. If they aren’t sheared in a while, several problems could arise. They won’t be able to regulate their body temperature, and their wool could become heavy and make it harder for them to walk.


Fencing is important no matter the type of animal you’re raising. A proper fence would keep your sheep in, but more importantly, it would keep predators out. Look for fences that are very high to ensure no predators can get inside.

If you want, you could electrify the fence. Predators will deter the moment they come close, as they’d get electrocuted. Remember that sheep have heavy coats. They probably wouldn’t be phased by the electric currents

Keep Air Flowing

Install a fan and keep the shelter’s doors open. This would be especially important during the summer. The airflow would make it cooler for the sheep, as well as help keep flies away.

Final Thoughts

There’s a lot to consider if you’re thinking of raising sheep. From the assortment, the most important aspect of raising the animals would be to have a big enough land for them to graze on. Make sure that you have a shelter for them to rest too, and fill it with hay. Switch to thicker hay when it gets colder.