The key to an efficient warehouse is proper handling of stocks. No matter how big or small the warehouse you’re managing, you’ll need almost the same sets of items to properly handle everything. This basic equipment are must-haves for a convenient and more efficient inventory management.

Storage Systems

A warehouse is never complete without storage systems. This is where you arrange and store your entire inventory to make your warehouse more organized. Pallet racks organize and stack all of your pallets so you can maximize the storage space in your warehouse. For smaller items, store them on shelves for easy access by hand. For heavier or bulkier items that can’t be placed on pallet racks, you can opt for a cantilever rack or other storage options. You can also install a flow rack to move items from the storage to the pick-up area so your workers can focus on more important tasks than moving items by hand.

Lift Equipment

Lift equipment help a lot in lifting or moving heavy loads in your warehouse. It makes things lighter for the workers since they don’t have to manually carry the load up to the storage area; this equipment do all the lifting in a convenient and faster way. Forklifts are almost an essential part of every efficient warehouse. Crown forklifts from Damoli are proven and tested to last long and provide the best performance. Rent or buy one for your warehouse to increase your business’ productivity.

Packaging Equipment

To protect your products safe during shipping, good quality packaging equipment is essential. Boxes aren’t enough to store your products. Stretch wrap machines are useful in putting a film covering around the item to protect it from moisture and other damaging factors. If you’re business involves bundling a large quantity of products, you’ll find a strapping equipment very useful. When dealing with smaller products, workers can pack or sort them over a packing table.


Conveyors are really useful in moving items from one place to another. With this machine, workers don’t need to carry piles of products across the warehouse. It can also be used in quality control because the inspector can take a good look on one product at a time. There are plenty of sizes and lengths to choose from, depending on what you need. If you’re moving inventory from a higher place downward, a gravity conveyor is what you need. For massive or heavy items, a powered conveyor can do the job easily.

Containers and Bins

These two items are necessary in keeping your warehouse well-organized. You can sort and store similar products on a container before sending them off to storage. You can choose from small, portable ones to big containers, depending on your storage needs. Aside from storage boxes, there are still plenty of other storage options to choose from such as metal or plastic bins, totes, baskets, and many more.

By having this essential equipment, you can be assured that your stocks are flowing smoothly and you’re making the warehouse a safer place to work at.