NMN is a molecule that is naturally occurring in all forms of life. It is short for nicotinamide mononucleotide. NMN is known to promote the levels of NAD+ in cells. NAD+ or nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is vital for cellular function and it is used by so many proteins in the body. It is a vital component for mitochondria as well.

NAD+ contributes to gene expression, cell signalling and enzyme activity. There is a lot of DNA damage that occurs with environmental factors such as pollution and radiation. Your lifestyle also plays a part in this. The accumulation of DNA damage over time is one of the leading causes of ageing. The mechanism to repair DNA damage requires energy and NAD+. PARP, which is one of the DNA repair proteins require NAD+ to work and the level of NAD+ is low when it comes to older people. With increased DNA damage, there is an increase of PARP which will cause a reduction of NAD+ levels.  NAD+ has a vital role in keeping our body running at its standard performance. When NAD+ levels are raised, there are some anti-ageing effects. There have been animal studies done that look at raising the level of NAD+ in the body.

When it comes to thinking about what is NMN and how they help in anti-ageing, the main focus is on boosting levels of NAD+ which is very important to body function. NAD+ is also used to fight coronavirus and this is something that is studied at length during the pandemic. It has been found that NAD+ is an essential component in contributing to the innate immunity of the body when it comes to viruses. The benefits of NAD+ boosters such as NMN supplements are studied in order to see whether it can boost the immunity of people at higher risk to the virus. NAD+ contributes to healthy mitochondrial function. It will ensure that there is a steady and uniform energy output. In people who maintain high fat diets, the level of NAD+ is reduced. It is also reduced with age. NMN supplements and other NAD+ boosters can help mitigate weight gain that is caused by age or diet. This is something that has been studied in mice.

Heart function is also boosted with high NAD+ levels. When NAD+ levels have been increased through boosters in mice that have a low level of NAD+, it has been observed that heart damage caused by a lack of blood flow can be prevented. There are mice with Alzheimer’s as well and increasing NAD+ levels can reduce the protein build up that causes disturbances in neurological cell communication. The immune system gradually loses its function when people get older. Older individuals are more prone to get ill and it takes them a long time to recover from disease as well. There is a link between NAD+ levels and the level of inflammation in the body. NAD+ can regulate inflammation when there is an immune response or during ageing.