Hot desking is the idea of co-working where you do not have a fixed desk to use every time but instead have the flexibility to sit wherever you like each day. Hot desking is a desk-sharing craze that began in the 1990s. Rather than having one allocated space, staff in hot-desking offices take whichever desk is available.

Efficiency is important in today’s workplace. Businesses are still searching for new ways to promote flexibility while still encouraging collaboration and creativity. Although the tradition of booking a hot desk has been around for around 20 years, it has only recently become popular.

The top five advantages of hot desking for businesses and staff are listed below.

Increased Level of Collaboration and Communication 

Hot desking usually calls for connecting with whoever’s in your environments. As you change your place day-to-day base, you are exposed to a different table neighbour practically each day. This can lead to having important discussions with individuals from different backgrounds and industries – a chance you might not have easily in a usual office premises. This is mainly beneficial for start-ups, freelancers and one-man bands looking for to develop their network of associates and potential consumers.

Productivity for Larger Teams

Also, if you are not a sole proprietor and are part of the corporate team, hot desking makes for more productive project-based collaboration. Team members working on a particular task will simply sit around one another to share plans and ideas without having to schedule a formal meeting. This helps you to learn valuable skills, as if you are especially focused on a specific area of the business, working next to a specialist in that field is one of the best ways to understand what you need to know.

Picking Your Own Vibe

With hot desking, you can sit wherever you want. This means that if you’re working on a job that needs extra focus, you can opt to sit in a quieter corner for the day, while you normally tend to sit by chatty colleagues. This will help you plan your days more efficiently and stop getting distracted when you don’t want to be. There is a common misconception that coworking compromises privacy and it is not beneficial to productivity however, the opposite is frequently true. If you want to find out more about coworking desks close to you, just look online.

Cheaper Choice

If you are worried about the cost of working from home, hot desking should be your first option. You are effectively sharing the cost of the room with other hot desking members because you do not have your own assigned spot.

Stay Focused & Stay Tidy

You may not have much time to fill your desk with needless post-it notes, brochures, or PR presents because it isn’t entirely yours. The hot desk attitude encourages people to be more organized and tidier in order to leave the desk ready for the next individual and to anticipate the same when they select a new position the next day. According to a study published in the Journal of Consumer Science, neater work improves persistence and attention span by 167 percent and efficiency by 10 percent.