Your best friend would be one of the most important people in your life. She/he would be the one with whom you have shared your happy moments and sad moments, and made your life all the more special and with the birthday of such an amazing person approaching you would want to celebrate exceptionally.

Planning out a birthday surprise is not difficult once the plan has all been set down but the arrangements may seem long but loads of fun. Before doing anything you should know what kind of party does your friend prefers whether he/she likes surprises or not.


For almost any activity you need to have a budget, because not having one may leave you in a tough spot where you may have a problem. So, draw a budget based on what you could spend. Your friend wouldn’t want you to go more than what you can afford but if you are someone to whom money is not an issue you can go ahead and spend.


Decide on how you are going to carry out this whole thing by writing down all that you have to prepare and do. This should include where you want to hold the birthday surprise, the decorations, who you are going to place orders with,  gift boxes wholesale, number of guests you are going to invite and if you are planning to have some event on that day.


There are a variety of places where you could hold the function. This could be done at a hotel, if you are planning to throw the surprise at a hotel you should make your bookings early for the required date. This is to ensure there is no unwanted mishap at the end. If your friend is a person who loves open spaces you can throw the surprise at a park or beach.


Contact a place that does decorations to add that special touch to the event. If you have a particular theme you are going for you could let them know so they can cater to your ideas.


Bouquets are a beautiful gift on a birthday, along with it you can get anything else too, get an idea of what your friend would like this could be clothes, perfumes or shoes. You don’t necessarily have to get an expensive gift, get something that would be memorable may be a framed collage of the pictures of your best friend with you and his/her family or make a video montage collecting all the beautiful memories shared.


The number of people you invite would depend upon the circle of your friends. If he/ she is a person who doesn’t like having a lot of people around try to invite people who are really close to him/ her. But if that’s not an issue you can invite as many of their acquaintances as well.


You can get a customized cake by placing an order at a baker who does this sort, but make sure to make the reservations early.