Business casual clothes always implies a professional dress code but with a more relaxed style. When it comes to women, there’s a few different ways you can pull off a good business casual wear. All you got to do is own the right pieces in your closet. Take a look at the following to see some of the closet essentials for women’s business casual.

Shirts and Blouses

Shirts and blouses are a good choice for a business causal outfit. Plain shirts or shirts with a minimal or subtle design is always a great way to build a professional look. When it comes to blouses, try to opt for shirt blouses.

Shirt blouses come with less flair but more formal look and are more suitable for a professional setting. Neutral colours or light shades are always better for womens business shirts and shirt blouses when you wear them around formal scenes. However, if you are required to wear them at night you can also try a dark shade.


If your office or even is not too strict on the dress code, you can always create a business casual look with a pair of jeans. However, these cannot be your average jeans that you wear for the supermarket or on an outing with your girlfriends. Choose a pair of clean and neat jeans so you appear more polished and refined than athletic. Jeans on a business casual outfit should not be ripped, frayed or have funky patterns.


For an occasion that requires something more formal than jeans, pants are always the option. A good pair of business pants will fit you just right, without sagging or being too tight around your legs. They also need to be wrinkle free and no ripping around the hem. It is always better to get a pair of pants made for your measurements. If you are shopping for ready-made pants, make sure to try them on before purchasing or alter them according to your size.


Jackets can serve many purposes when put together with a business casual outfit. If it is a cold weather you can always pair a matching, formal looking jacket over your outfit. But you can also use your jacket to make a fashion statement. Make sure to choose a jacket that matches the rest of your outfit and is not too playful.


If jeans and pants are not your thing, you always have the option of wearing a dress. Some of the best choices for dresses are A-line dresses, wrap dresses and pencil dresses. When choosing the dress, make sure the length is right for an office environment. More formal occasions would do well with a bold or neutral shade dress than a printed dress. Just like with blouses and shirts, a subtle design will also not clash too much with the business casual dress code requirements.

Once you have these items in your wardrobe, you can put together the perfect business casual outfit. Make sure to match the right accessories and shoes and you are good to go.