A dilapidation survey refers to the inspection done on nearby structures before commencing a construction or demolition project. A professional inspector conducts a thorough and unbiased check of your entire building – from cracks, seeping water, and other defects in your building. All of this information will be recorded through photos and written document.

Why Is It Important?

Construction and demolition projects have an impact on nearby or adjoining buildings. It can cause cracks, and other structural problems depending on the type of work they do. Dilapidation surveys are beneficial for both parties. Conducting a dilapidation survey is important to know the pre-construction state of a building. There are cases when your building sustains damages from outside force of the ongoing construction.

If this happens, you have evidence in case you’re planning to file a complaint on the contractor. Dilapidation surveys can also help you find your building’s weak spots for precautionary measures. By knowing this, you can try avoid it or do some extra measures to prevent damaging it further. Our experts in dilapidation surveys in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs provide great service – you can be assured of a complete and comprehensive report.

When to Conduct a Dilapidation Survey?

Dilapidation surveys are an essential part of any construction project – whether you’re the homeowner or the contractor. For property owners, the best time to conduct a dilapidation survey is just before a renovation or construction begins nearby. It is also important to have a dilapidation survey even if the construction project is done underground as long as it is nearby your area. For contractors or developers, you may also hire a professional dilapidation inspector to take a closer look on the adjoining structures before starting construction. This helps you save a lot especially when nearby property owners are filing a complaint against your company.

After the construction, a post condition survey is done to see if there are any damages done to your property. The pre and post condition survey will be compared with each other to see if there are any differences between the two conditions of your building.

Which Areas Are Checked?

A dilapidation survey is a thorough inspection of all the areas and parts of your home. This includes floors, walls, ceilings, electrics, and many more. Basically, it is a room-to-room survey to fully find out the overall condition of your home.

Benefits of Dilapidation Reports

Property owners can experience a lot of benefits when they choose to hire a professional inspector. Aside from knowing the present condition of your property, it also helps a lot in obliging your tenant to complete the repairs themselves. Be sure to make it clear to your tenant that he will be responsible for the maintenance of his area and any damages that happened to it during his stay.

Whether you’re a contractor, a landlord, or a tenant; a complete dilapidation report can help you with the legalities in everything you do. Just be sure to choose the right dilapidation inspector to keep your property safe.