Swept path analysis is a digital simulation of how a vehicle moves through a certain design. This process is important when constructing roads, parking lots, and other similar structures that involves vehicles in it. Swept path analysis is done to see if the proposed design is good enough to accommodate all kinds of vehicles. To help you get familiar with this process, here are the essential information you need to know about swept path analysis.

How Is It Done?

Swept path analysis is done using a software that simulates a vehicle moving through the proposed design. All the possible road conditions are tested to see if the design can accommodate it all – from speed, design and size of vehicle, number of turns possible, minimum clearance, and many more. That way, changes can be made to make the road design more efficient for all drivers. If you need this kind of service, trust one of the experts when it comes to swept path analysis VIC.

Where Is It Done?

Swept path analysis should be done on all structures that involve vehicles; whether it is a road, a parking facility, driveways, street junctions, school and hospital areas, and many more similar structures. No matter what size the planned construction or renovation project is, it is important to perform a swept path analysis first before putting the design into action. It is an essential part of keeping the road safe and efficient to be used by any type of vehicle.

When to do an Analysis?

A swept path analysis should be done before starting any road renovation or construction. Once a design has been made, it should be tested first using a swept path analysis software. The design should pass all the criteria before it is applied in real life setting. When doing an analysis, it should pass the onerous vehicle test, fire engine and ambulance test, can accommodate all vehicle moving in all kinds of directions, has at least 0.5-meter horizontal clearance, can accommodate 2 huge vehicles, and has room for U-turns. More criteria might be added depending on the client’s standards and preferences.

There are different types of software that can be used for swept path analysis. To be sure that you’re getting the best analysis for your design project, it is always best to go for the trusted companies offering swept path analysis. Take your time in choosing the best company. You might want to do some research online first or ask for recommendations to know which companies are offering the best of this service.

Since not everyone is familiar of swept path analysis, reading this article can surely help you learn more about the procedure. If you need a swept path analysis for your road project, parking lot project, or any other similar construction design, it is best to contact a professional swept path company first to know if your design is safe and efficient for use in real life settings.