Although roses are woody perennial flowering plants, in the family Rosaceae, humans find their role to be much different. For many years, people have made use of all sorts of flowers to convey feelings and roses take a higher superiority. We all know that there are several colors or shades, that roses are available in and most florists show the number of flowers in each of their arrangement plans. Have you ever wondered why? Did you get the feeling that there has to be a meaning?

You’re absolutely correct! Let us dive into the world of roses so you can express yourself better.


The first rule in flower arrangements is that the singe rose means not the simple ‘I love you’ but to take it up another level to bring them to the feeling you had the first they met you. Afterward, rose arrangements in the multiplication of 3 are always directly related to the declaration of love, just at a different strength.

If you went with 3 flowers, each flower represents the words in ‘I love you’. 6 roses indicate a need; a need to be loved and cherished. However, you cannot beat the power of 9 roses that symbolizeseternity of the love you share; present those 9 flowers in acrylic box and you’re setting the bar high.


The first and the foremost fact to know is that there were natural colors, and then there are genetically mutated ones. As long as they bloomed from a plant, then that’s pretty much all that matters. But you should not forget the possibility of being able to combine different colors to form one bouquet or a box.

Overpopulating weddings, white roses symbolize purity and new beginnings. But black roses also symbolize a new beginning; the clear difference depends on the nature of the events leading up to the new beginnings. Black roses have the resilience factor where white roses bring more softness. Unless it’s a reliable florist, you shouldn’t buy black roses of low quality.

The red roses on the other hand symbolize love in general. They’re amazing to celebrate friendship as well. But what if you’re a young man who doesn’t want to self-friendzone himself by getting red roses when the road doesn’t exactly seem to be easy? Blue roses are the solution. Bring a meaning of mystery and intrigue, you can present yourself as the mysterious man, or even the woman, who brings a special essence to life.

Pink roses carry a certain gentleness with them. These flowers work amazingly to complement a sweetheart who is even softer than who gets red roses. Although there are several other uncommon and mutated colors, florist advice is to prioritize the major colors mentioned here such as red, pink, blue, black, and white. While the unnatural colors aren’t so bad, you should remember that there were flowers with those colors, but they’re natural – such complications would only take off the natural essence of roses.