If your home has roller blinds, you know how clean they are compared to curtains. They’re known for their lack of dust accumulation, after all. With that being said, you still have to clean them regularly. Otherwise, they’re bound to accumulate some sort of dust.

Now, you may not know how to do this which is alright as we’ll be discussing how you can below. So, keep reading.

Extend The Blinds

To fully clean it, you need to extend the blinds. Otherwise, you won’t have access to any of the dust trapped in it.

Depending on the type of roller blind you own, how far you extend it will differ. If it moves from left to right or vice versa, extend it normally to the direction it moves to.

If it extends from top to bottom as roller blinds usually do, you must extend it more than you normally would. Remember, you must be very careful as you could break it.

You should lengthen it to fully expose its swathe as dust could be accumulated in the corner most edges.

Get Rid Of The Dust

With the blinds fully extended, you have access to the dust trapped in it. There are two ways you can tackle it.

The first would be with a cloth. This is the old fashion way as you swipe the rag across the surface, wiping any dust that could be present. Unfortunately, this isn’t the best option if you suffer from allergies as you have to get close to the dust, causing you to get sick.

Moreover, the rag may not gather all of the dust at once, making you wipe its surface numerous times to get the job fully done. That’s why a vacuum would be ideal for the task.

Fortunately, brands like Jim’s Fly Screens and Blinds use materials that are quite dust resistant, making this step easier.

Disinfect It

Not only could dust accumulate but so could bacteria. If you think roller blinds are clean, opting to not clean it often, it probably has a lot of bacteria residing on its surface. If you have little kids, allowing them to be near it could be dangerous as they can fall ill.

Hence, sanitizing the blinds after you get rid of the dust is a must. Now, you have to approach this step carefully as you could easily discolour the blinds.

You need a careful ratio of the detergent. It has to be 4 cups of water with 1 tablespoon of detergent mixed in. Otherwise, the soap would be overpowering, oxidizing colour off the blinds.

In terms of the detergent used, ensure it is not harsh as if it is very strong, even if you add a tablespoon of it to the water, it will still discolour it.

Let It Dry

To dry the blinds out, you’ll need a dry cloth. It should be wiped thoroughly across the roller blind’s surface from top to bottom. With this done, you should extend it, letting the air in the space dry out excess moisture.

If you consider the above information, you’ll have the essentials to clean your roller blinds.