A schooling environment needs to be vibrant and welcoming. It needs to be stimulating enough for kids but at the same time a safe space. For this to be a possibility, the structure of your school has to be based on a solid foundation and there needs to be basic regulations in place. Here’s what you need to know about creating a safe schooling environment for kids:


There are plenty of physical structures itself that need to be double checked. For example, if you’ve taken on an old building for this project, you’re going to want to conduct an investigation for asbestos- a toxic compound that was previously used in construction until banned. Chances are you won’t have to worry about it, but it’s always safer to conduct an inspection to understand what you’re dealing with anyway! That way you’ll identify any electrical or plumbing issues that may be lying underneath the surface and can get about contacting an electrician or licensed plumber servicing Melbourne.


The sturdiness of your equipment can make or break your reputation. Especially in the playground, there’s plenty of facilities that could break down and cause severe injuries to children- and if it’s due to your neglect in purchasing quality equipment, the school will be liable. So, make sure you check everything, including the sports areas.


When it comes to classrooms, the first thing you should look for is sufficient space- and this is after adding in the storage cabinets, desks, whiteboards etc. No student can learn or focus in a cramped, poorly laid out space. Also remember the basic principles when it comes to labs- cables should be grouped and secured to avoid any slips.


This deserves its own section because you’re dealing with children. Children love to have fun with things they know they’re not allowed to be meddling with. So you need to make sure that all your fuses and switches are labelled and that you go through basic drills with the school so they’ll be prepared for emergencies. You need to conduct periodic maintenance when it comes to your electricity however. This is not the place to have frayed wires and loose connections.

First Aid

And of course, what is a school without fully equipped first aid kits? This is something that needs to be easily accessible to all staff. It’s also worth mentioning that health and hygiene is an incredibly important aspect that needs to be included in a student’s curriculum and will definitely make them more aware of how to conduct themselves safely.


It’s incredibly important that you hire staff who are well-tuned with being hygienic when handling food.  Of course, you will also have to check for and rule out any diseases.  The staff will have to keep their hair tied back and also wear gloves when handling food. 

These are the most important things you need to keep in mind when it comes to establishing a safe schooling environment for the kids.