It is important that your child develops their social skills as well as other aspects like literacy, numeracy etc. Then there is also their emotional development to consider. You have to provide the right stimuli to the child in their formative years so that they learn to interact with the world in a healthy way.

There are many early learning approaches that you can try as a parent. Most of these methods are used in early education child care Belmont. It is up to you to provide more opportunities to your child to become a better version of themselves. This doesn’t necessarily revolve around your financial status. There are so many things in our natural environment that can be used as learning aids for children. Above all, you need to ensure that your child feels loved and connected which will greatly impact their emotional health. Any child that feels secure in their place and feels appreciated and loved will see the world a little differently. It will have a positive impact on their outlook.

You can easily implement learning into daily activities. This way you don’t have to add new activities to a schedule that is already busy. You can include social skills, language and math into what you already do in a day. You can count aloud when you walk up the steps or walk through the hallway from bath time. You can read stories to them during nap time and show them different pictures and shapes. They will learn faster when these are added to the normal activities because there is more time for the child to absorb the information. When this becomes a routine, it allows them to memorize certain things faster. You can also experiment with different sizes of containers at bath time by pouring water from one container to another so that they can understand how volume works. Stories will help them learn more words and it will help them learn how to tell a story to another person as well. You need to expose them to music, numbers, language, stories etc. to make sure that they have more opportunities to learn.

You can talk when you are carrying out activities. You can talk to them when they are bathing or you are going somewhere with the child. You can show and tell them what you are doing. This makes them an active participant in the activity and it will make them more interested in how you interact with others and what activities happen on a daily basis. You can even take them on a shopping trip to the supermarket and get them engaged in the activity. You can point out items that they know and show them items that they are not used to as well. You can count certain items together so they gradually understand the concept of numbers. Point out new things you see such as construction vehicles, a neighbour doing gardening etc. They can mimic these actions once they have seen it.