Buying cheap t-shirts will indeed help you save some money. But, not for the long run. This is because once you’ve used it and then wash it for the first time, you will hesitate to use it again when going outdoors. They will quickly look like they’ve been to hell and back. So if you want to save money, opt for good quality t-shirts. But, how do you spot the good ones? Below are some tips on how you can tell if the shirt is of good quality.

Check the Fabric

It is highly advisable to opt for shirts that are made from one hundred percent cotton. Most kinds of prints look better on cotton fabric. It is also important to keep in mind to choose the one that is made from natural fibres and steer clear from synthetic fabric. Clothes made from natural fibres usually age better than their synthetic counterparts. However, just because the shirt is labelled “100 percent” cotton it would automatically mean it is good quality. This is not true at all. This is because not all types of cotton are created equal.

The softness of the fabric is also another factor that needs to be considered when choosing the right kind of shirt. But, don’t be misled right away just because the fabric feels so soft to your touch. Some shirt manufacturing companies use starch or other chemicals that make the fabric soft to the touch. But, after one wash, you will find that the shirt has already become too rough.

Check How It Is Made

Good quality fabric is not the only factor that makes a shirt something to be rated as “good quality”. Its overall construction is also just as important. This is because even the highest quality fabric will still fail if the shirt is not constructed well. How the shirt is constructed will also largely spell its durability. One way to evaluate the good construction of a shirt is to touch it. One that is made from really good materials won’t feel plastic to your touch. It also won’t give you that boxy feeling. A fabric that is both soft and firm to the touch will certainly make a good choice. So, if the company cheated you in terms of its softness, you can evaluate some other details of the shirt. If you’re looking for a lady’s shirt, check out women’s t shirts online Australia.

Check the Stitches

Stitches are also of utmost importance when looking for high-quality shirts. Luckily, it is easy to find out if the shirt is stitched well. You just have to turn it around. Check for the presence of any loose threads. Is it double stitched? Try to count the number of stitches, the more stitches it has, and the better. It simply means that the manufacturers spent more time stitching a shirt to make it last longer. Be meticulous at checking its lower hems, sleeves and collars. If everything has been neatly and durably stitched then you’ve finally found a good quality shirt. Failure to check these parts of the shirt will leave you wearing a shirt with loose threads hanging below its hems.