Even though we may not realize it, we spend most of our time in our workplace. It is usually eight or nine hours per day which makes it more than 75% of the awake time in the office. If it is dark and dreary, not cheerful at all, your life will be very much boring. Also, the work done by you would not be very productive. As a manager or a CEO, it is your responsibility to make sure your employees are happy in their workplace. It will make the work done more productive hence the company becoming more profitable.

Pick A Cherry Colour Theme

Colours can say a lot of things. When you see red in the middle of the day it can hurt your eyes but if you see the same red in the night at a dinner party you will feel enthralled by the person wearing it. White can be melancholy or sometimes even negative. Black is treated as a negative colour in many cultures. The perception of colours is very much linked to our cultural aspirations and relationships which we unknowingly bring to the workplace as well.

Therefore, when choosing a colour for the interior, make sure you go with a very neutral sort of choice. Most places are painted in white because of its official look-and-feel as well as the feeling it gives of space. Of course, unlike a house, a company cannot buy vast spaces for an organization due to the cost. White is a colour that can help people feel like there’s a lot of space to move about. If you are incorporating your company colours to any interior decoration make sure it doesn’t clash.

Ergonomic Furniture

As most people would be sitting and working on their computers or laptops, ergonomic furniture is very important. Ergonomic means it is friendly to your health. Back problems and other related problems such as carpal tunnel syndrome is very common these days. This is mainly because of the unhealthy sort of office chairs and tables used.

Even if the initial cost is a bit high it will pay you in the long term to have better furniture at your workplace, especially service providing companies today such as call centres, software development companies and accounting or auditing companies’ employees tend to sit for very long periods, therefore this is an aspect which you must pay more attention.

Arranging the Interior

When you are hiring an interior decorator, make sure the person doesn’t just suggest a colour to paint the walls and a colour for the curtains. That person or the company should be able to prescribe what sort of a layout your office should have. Given the nature of your business it may not be possible to have open space cubicles. However, research has found out that open spaces are the best for companies. When you are stuck in a single cubicle, not only the space seems to constrict you but also the psychological effect is quite dangerous.

Especially, creative people, writers, designers, artists and so on may find it impossible to go about their work if they are restricted to a smaller space. The newest and trendiest layout is the open space where there are meeting rooms if people want to discuss something without disturbing others. Natural light is very important rather than lighting the whole place up with electricity. If you can bring in more natural light that again will improve the productivity of your employees.