Renting out the extra space in your home can be a smart idea; especially these days when expenses are so high. However, it takes a little planning out. Here are a few tips for you to look into…

Select an Area Separate From the Rest of the House

Since you want to rent out the area, it’s vital that you select a room that is separate from the rest of your house. This will ensure the privacy of all parties involved. A basement or garage is ideal for this; provided you are willing to make several changes to it. If not, and if you have the space for it, you could even construct a separate building in your available outdoor space.

Make Sure It Has an Attached Toilet and Shower

Since you’re planning on renting the room for long term, it goes without saying that you’ll need to ensure your guests have a way of accessing a toilet and shower. If not, you’ll have to share your bathroom with them; which will make it uncomfortable to all parties involved. It will also complicate mornings unnecessarily.

Extend Your Home If Required

If you have the perfect room to be rented out, but it’s just not spacious enough, or it doesn’t have an attached bathroom, then the best thing you can do is extending your house so that it fits your requirements. Though it may be tempting to do these extensions yourself to avoid additional costs, we strongly urge you to use professionals such as capital building. This will not only ensure a faster job, but also a professional finish.

Make Sure You Have the Permission to Build There

Building an extra room sound complication free, but it actually is a little more complicated than you’d think. Above all the costs, and all time and effort you’ll be putting into the project, you’ll also have to make sure you have permission to extend your home or build on it. Speak to your local authorities prior to making any move in regards to your home.

If it’s Separate from the Main House, Make Sure it’s insulated and Air-Conditioned

Like we mentioned above, you can easily convert a garage or basement into a rentable space; provided it has an attached bathroom to it. However, whatever the space is, it needs to be liveable; so adequate heat and ventilation is a must. If the space is separated from the rest of the house, take the time to insulate it against the cold weather. And though you can easily get away with a few stand fans, a well-functioning air conditioner will guarantee you a higher rent.

Provide an Alternate Entrance to It; or Be Prepared To Share Your Extra Keys

Unless the space you want to rent out happens to be only accessible through your home, it’s best to allocate a separate entrance for your renter’s use. This way, you’ll not need to be bothered about what time they get home, or if they activate the security system once they do. It will also separate you from whatever drama is happening with them; making things pleasant for all parties involved.