One of the main factors that departmental performance in a company is slowing or production is going down is because of the human factor in the organization. The human factor plays pretty well as long as all other personal and professional factors at play are supplied or inline perfectly well.

But then again life is not perfect and in almost any instance there is always something that does not play along with one’s life thus performance in work is affected. So how can one work effectively and in turn accomplish more in the workplace? Here is how.

Organize a Routine

As we are a creature of habit it would clearly help if we help ourselves organize a routine for ourselves so that we can do more with the little time that we have in work. An example of this is through small simple steps like, waking up in the same time in the morning, and in the context of work we can start by organizing a set of tasks that we work on a systematic way, this way we can achieve more at the end of the day rather than just be downed in tasks and not achieving anything significant. 

Focus on one Task

Always focus on a task, never mind the idea that one has to multi-task to finish and accomplish a lot, this does not work for you and will eventually will cause you to become overwhelmed with work and stress that in the end of the day you cannot function properly, you are drained to the core, and you haven’t achieved anything at all. So first off you have to know how to focus on a single task at a time so that you will also learn to manage your stress in the workplace, or at least manage some of it.

Communicate and Coordinate

You are not an island and you are not isolated and even in workplace your tasks are always intertwined with the task of the other person or that your tasks are in sync with the overall objective of the group. Now you may take this as a fact that you will not like everyone in the workplace, and it is accepted that can choose not to be chummy with them, but to the least you have to be an effective communicator and a good team player so that you can achieve not only your goals but also the goals of the company. Whether you like it or not your co-workers’ success in their task is also your achievement.

Respect your own Rest

Never underestimate the power of powernaps and break time. Thus, it is very important to respect your own strength and body when it comes to work and rest. You must be able to balance working and resting at the same time, coffee breaks and powernaps are very important factors in accomplishing your tasks effectively. Knowing when you needed rest is as much important as well. Respect it if your body needs the energy it needs, listen to your own needs because you are not a robot, and you also have needs as well.

Remember that you are a human being with complex needs and that these needs must be met before we can function to the optimum level, it might not be perfect but it is the best state where we can achieve and accomplish more.