Just as we dress our windows in very attractive looking clothes, we are required to maintain the quality of that clothing as well. So, this article will give you the best advice to keeping your window blinds in the best of conditions. Your maintenance may be as simple as dusting the dust off or as complex as replacing cords or slats, but either they are both contributors to the quality which essentially needs attention. Given below are tips that can be used for maintaining different types and styles of window blinds;

Dusting And Cleaning Blinds

Similar to any other thing in your house, your panel glides and blinds would also act as a place for dust to collect if left ignored. Which is why it is important to regularly wipe and clean the window blinds to prevent it from getting too much clogged up. For cleaning window blinds, using a damp microfiber cloth or a vacuum would be ideal as it would serve to be soft against the materials making sure that nothing is damaged during the cleaning process.

Take Care Of Wooden Blinds

Wooden window blinds would require extra care due to the nature of the materials. If wooden window blinds are installed in kitchens, pantries or bathrooms, the owners are obligated to taking care of them by using a damp microfiber cloth damped with warm soapy water for the removal of stains and food splotches. After you have cleaned, make sure to dry quickly in order to prevent the wooden blinds from warping which then can be annoying on your smooth blind movement.

Untangle Cords When Necessary

Most window blinds are operated using the cords that hang on the side of the attachment. These cords can sometimes get tangled in the process of pulling or returning them to the original position. Usually, if there is just one single knot on the cord, there are most likely to be of no problem, but this knot also has ways of making more knots when pulling them. So, it is best to maintain your window blinds with no knots as all, as it can become very stressful after several knots have formed.

Redoing Roman Blinds

This is one kind of window blinds that are easy to restore regardless of amazing it looks and feels complicated. There may be times when the roman blind may fail to raise in the manner of horizontal folds, this means that the knot on the ring at the back of the blinds have been undone. So, for this, remove the blind from the window carefully, keeping it hanging down to its maximum, slowly re-cord the rings and make secure knots on them, voila, repaired!

So, there we go. Now that you know how to take care of your blinds, it’s pretty obvious that you would continue to keep a look out on the dust and the cords essentially. It is important to maintain the quality of the blinds in order to make sure that it is convenient for our use as well.