Being able to ensure a high level of security within your home is the most important element in an individual’s family life. The most important step when considering how to make your home more secure is to make sure that the intruder does not see your house as “burglar friendly”. Here are a few points you can implement to make sure you and your family are kept safe from all kinds of a possible threat.

Eliminate Hiding Spots

To ensure that intruders are not attracted to your house make sure that your garden is maintained well and all hiding spots are eliminated. It is found that messy surroundings are a burglar’s haven. This is because the chance of him being caught is extremely low given the number of hiding spots in the garden itself.

Choose turf supplier Sydney as an alternative to natural grass simply because maintenance is not something that you need to worry about in this case. You will not only be able to decide on what you want you to look like but you are able to ensure that your home and garden look its best and will be safe with no overgrown grass thereby eliminating hiding spots

Assess Doors

Make sure that your doors and windows are kept locked every night.  It is always a good idea to upgrade the doors of your garage and other entrances to steel security doors to ensure that it cannot be broken into. Install motion sensors that set off an alarm when any sudden movements are detected.

Combine this with a set of powerful floodlights that are set to go off along with the alarm, and steel security doors would ensure that all other areas that are not detected by the sensors are protected. Your house would definitely not be on the short list of any burglary any time soon.

Light Up The Outdoors

Use solar garden lights to ensure that the entire garden is kept well lit through the night. Intruders avoid areas that are generally well lit as someone might be able to recognize them. Make sure that you position these lights in strategic locations all around the garden close to boundary walls and windows.

Call A Family Meeting

Discuss the steps to follow if a burglary does in fact take place. Make sure that everyone understands the importance of following the security measures implemented and where to find the emergency numbers, and who to call in case of a crisis.

Replace Weak Locks

Replace all weak or old locks. Investing a substantial amount on hardy locks for your house would never be a waste. Make sure that no copies of the keys have been made.

Put Keys And Garage-Door Remotes In A Safe Spot

Make sure that all remotes and keys are removed from their keyholes and placed in a spot far away from any windows or reachable areas. Discuss with your family and leave the keys in a drawer or cupboard that is easily accessible by everyone in your family circle.