In any kind of a building, there is a list of major components that are both acting as an essential component for the functionality of the premises and also as an element of attractiveness. The role of the floor like that.

When we look at the evolution of the floors of both residential and commercial sites, we would be able to see how it first was only supposed to smooth and flat, then need of safety was added and finally, the flat and smoothness, the safety and also the attractiveness also came into play. In the present, wooden floors, tiled floors and the marble floors are three of the most popular options that work for both commercial and residential needs. So, what suits you the most when considered in a general aspect? It is the wooden ones and let us see why!


It doesn’t matter how amazing it looks if it does not last; this theory applies to your flooring needs 100%. Naturally, it is quite fair to think that the wooden floors may not last since so do not the trees. But what you may not know is that, these wooden materials are being treated and transformed into the best condition, without losing the core value. This is the reason why some hardwood floors tend to last for a lifetime. But what about the tiled and marble floors that are versions of rocks? Although they do last, they may change their characteristics overtime and reversing that would be impossible.


Without a doubt, the marble flooring would cost you the most. This is mainly due to the relatively more expensive nature of marble over timber. You would see how the thickness of the marble increases the value exponentially. The tile flooring generally depend on the commercial brand. Hence, when we are considering the value that it delivers when compared to the cost, the wooden floors would be doing the best job. 


If you had one single conversation with the reliable and experienced Timber Flooring Specialists in the industry, you would see that the number of choices that you have is truly a lot more than the other two options. This is mainly due to the different subversions of the main types of trees as well. The biggest problem with marble flooring is that, the patterns and the colors seeming to not to vary from each other much. In wooden solutions, the color and the pattern are the two most significant variable factors that makes people love it.

Ease of restoration

Nothing lasts forever (although the wooden floors may) but that doesn’t mean that you have to live with whatever the version of the current flooring that you may have now. Unlike marble or tile floors, these kinds of floors would be very much easier to replace. Hence, just in case you are looking for a total replacement one day, choosing this option would make things easier.